Custom Exhausts

Here at Hilltop we have a custom exhaust facility and are able to offer a 'made to measure' service for just about any vehicle's exhaust requirements, built to your own specifications or to original equipment spec. Contact us for your requirements - we're sure to be able to help!

Our bending machine is not restricted to just exhaust pipes - we can bend many materials of different shapes and sizes and offer 'made to measure' Roll Bars, Nerf Bars, Lighting Bars, Safety Roll Frames and more!

We have made many special one-off systems such as a Yamaha R1 engined Mini, vintage Bentleys and an adjustable loudness system on a V10 Dodge Ram 3500.

In addition to systems for rare or modified vehicles we also fabricate replacement systems for everyday vehicles - call us for a price!

Our custom exhausts can potentially increase the power of your vehicle and improve it's fuel efficiency. All our work is tailor made and fitted to customer requirements by our skilled engineers. These systems are often less expensive than the manufacturers' system for any car.

We use aluminised mild steel which comes with a 2 Year perforation warranty or stainless steel which comes with a 5 Year warranty.

We can also supply various tips, universal catalytic converters and silencers.

We can reface and machine warped and corroded exhaust manifolds.